Electronic Forms Processing Process


Forms are picked-up from your place of business at regularly scheduled intervals, or 24 to 48 hours after the client’s call. Boxes can be picked up in bulk or in small groups. Many businesses prefer smaller pick-ups rather than one large one.

We understand that your documents are irreplaceable. We make every effort to make you feel comfortable with the process.

We provide box labels to be adhered to all of the outgoing boxes. These labels contain a unique box number and barcode. The boxes are scanned in at pick-up using barcode readers. This process eliminates errors during the log in process.

Mail Sorting

We offer mail room services as well. A PO Box can be set up for all your forms to be sent to. Daily pick-ups from the PO Box will be made on your behalf. All forms will then be sorted and stamped.

Document Scanning and Quality Control

In order to get the most out of our Automated Forms Processing software, each form is scanned at 300 dpi by the industries latest VRS (Virtual Re-Scan) scanners, and then visually checked by a human operator. We check scanned images for skew, brightness/contrast, and alignment. Any images that

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Type written forms that are printed on color dropout forms are OCR’d by two separate OCR engines to extract the needed data. The Electronic Forms Processing software then decides which data is more reliable using advanced algorithms. Some fields will be keyed and compared to the original OCR’d data. All data is reviewed by a live human being and visually compared to the original image.

Manual data extraction

Black and white and/or handwritten forms are manually keyed by our operators. All fields follow custom business rules and are validated against customer supplied tables to ensure accuracy. Most fields will have basic logic built into the processing. Examples are: valid date ranges, data lengths, alpha, numeric, alpha-numeric data, and much more.

Business Rules

Automated Forms Processing software allows your business rules and tables to be used to set up templates. We highly recommend that these rules and tables are used in processing your documents. Tables will be used to validate data and/or populate other fields. Advanced rules will need to be used on virtually every field captured.

This type of solution is significantly faster than buying a system and getting trained to use it. We perform these types of processes as part of our core business, it’s nothing new to us.


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